Theresa Gößmann


Screen print on blue hoodies
Open edition
Available to purchase in sizes S-XL

B-EU is a project started as a response to the heart shattering Brexit vote. By replacing the stars with bananas, the work reveals the union as broken. Banana Republic is a term coined by American author O. Henry, widely used to dismissively describe politically unstable, poor and corrupt countries, especially in south and central America, who are dependent on the export of a single product - e.g. bananas - and often also tourism. However, what Banana Republics really reveal is economic exploitation, unfair labour conditions and the ongoing impact of colonialism. The circle of stars, once a symbol of unity, now speaks of a disillusioned, dysfunctional union instead.

B-EU hopes to remind of the work we have yet to do, politically, socially, personally, on all scales, across the globe. Taking the Brexit vote as a wake up call, it hopes to encourage action and connections between countries and across borders, to overcome prejudices and obstacles.

Consider this the unofficial uniform of the European union in beta, a hopeful, visionary, diverse, inclusive, loving, committed, open, innovative, fearless union. It‘s utopian. It‘s Europe. It‘s you.
Go out, make friends. Don‘t be scared. Be united. Be Europe. Be unique. Be you.