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In 2021, when life as it used to be came to a sudden halt for many of us, it became impossible for me to create the art I wanted to make for a while. After all, everything was closed and the smell of worry and fear in the air made it hard to gasp enough breath to give life to big creative endeavours. So I returned to one of the most classic motifs in art history: the still life. It felt kind of appropriate because with everything on hold, we were really living a still life for once. To be truthful, I had always looked down on the genre because it felt a bit too ‘decorative’ for my snobby self.
But there I was, sitting in my kitchen, with only a sketchpad and a few pastels. This was coincidentally also the first time in my adulthood where I had a home that I could decorate the way I wanted to- after having lived in student accommodations, furnished apartments or temporary solutions for many years.
It became even more clear to me how my home is a sacred place where I recharge my energies, where I feel the most safe and the most myself. There is so much self-efficacy in knowing I can create and cultivate a space in a way that is nurturing to me. That means art on the walls, fresh flowers in a beautiful vase or using the special plates for having bread with butter. It means making the everyday beautifully comforting. So this is why I want to share these drawings with you – to make your space a little bit more unique, a little bit more colourful, a little bit more you.


Pastel chalks on paper.
The series is A4 size (29,7 x 21 cm).
All works are unique and signed. 
Shipping costs: 5,50€ Germany, 6,50€ EU, 12€ UK & rest of world  DHL 

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Alle Arbeiten sind Einzelstücke und signiert. Du bekommst ein Echtheitszertifikat mit deiner Bestellung. 
Alle Bilder sind ungerahmt.
Alle Werke werden aus Hamburg, Deutschland verschickt.

Bei Fragen zur Bestellung, melde dich gerne per E-mail an info@theresagoessmann.com


All works are unique and signed. You will receive a certificate of authenticity with your order.
All works are unframed. 
All works will be sent from Hamburg Germany.

If you have any questions please e-mail me at info@theresagoessmann.com